His muse rumpled his ego, teasing him with kisses and nibbles until he gave away his heart; once the one-sided love had cemented, his karma kicked his chest. Her head twisted from side to side, her ears heard doorknobs that weren’t twisted. These paranoid antics told her to leave him, to plunder what she had already taken.



The mannequin watches the passersby from his glass window. Some stop to look at the new merchandise stretched atop his body, but they eventually go away. His heartache can never be noticed; the jangles he feels muffle under his plastic skin. When the reckless children knock him over, he can’t so much as complain. He suffers, stuck and incomplete.


She wiped away the icicles from her eyes with her grandfather’s handkerchief, remembering how he’d always say they’d move the mountains closer. Though he never got the chance, she did stumble to them eventually. As she stared to the snow peaks and digested the highs and lows, she heard his laughter echo from the bottom of the lake.


The shore’s chilly wind licked the girls’ wet bathing suits and their dripping toes; they huddled close for the warmth of a photograph, the flash brightening their smooth, pale skin. One held her sunglasses against her side, another slipped behind a wide expanse of black hair. Their reflections watched the camera as they did, each eager for immortality.


We knew we were the best; no golf tournament let us claim any other spot as partners than number one. We’d fool around, accidentally miss the ball to make things interesting. By the time the eighteenth hole approached, we’d have a buffer just in case our clubs wouldn’t listen. They always did, though, because we were the best.


We took our church on wheels, crossing the country on a voyage of faith. With a silver hand talisman strung around my neck, I opened the truck’s back doors and let those who needed some spiritual guidance listen to my sermon; those that didn’t care still had to hear the Alpines I strung at the corners, full force.


Do you like motor sales? Need a quick deal? Think old beats new? Come on down, you’re the next contestant at Smiley’s. What is it you need? Cheap? Reliable? Fast? We’ve got it all. Name your price at the strip of best offer piles. Enjoy a new(er) ride. Just don’t tell me you’re unsatisfied. That’s a lie!


We circled the dawn’s rising steam, dancing across the fallow land; the red sun took ages to climb which left the hungry birds vocal. Our limited sight left our journeys long and uncertain, but we always found some place to sleep under the shade of a tree. If only the rain would drizzle down wine instead of blood.


The priest exorcised the mind with an ice pick and built a zombie in one easy step: a few snips of connection to the prefrontal cortex guarantees the mouth to drool. The demons inside wait, trapped in a body without thought, unable to act until death. Breaking motor skills, he insured that no minds shall remember his mistakes.


The solitary days lend her into a descent toward frenzy, hungry thoughts and inhibitions; she scatters the cards clockwise, then again, picking one at random. As she lifts it, she already knows what it is. She could always feel the numbers pulsing through her head, her mind crafting what would happen before it had a chance to change.