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A silhouette graces walls with a step and sway of natural beauty like an ocean wave surging to the shore. Ubiquitous burdens fade as she captures attention in her faceless strut. She kisses farewell with a perfume of pomegranate when the sun points fingers at her. One cannot be sure whether or not her body ever touched reality.



Lights didn’t shine bright enough to form a shadow. Hands point to the invisible man, painted black by god. Death row holds no survivors or hope except that of a way out. Hours tick and deadlines scribble revisions. Cops hold innocence in a cell. Truth is left unpunished. People protest. Corrupt justice fails. Common people save their own.

Please help this happy ending come true by sending an email to Govenor Perdue to stop the unjust execution of Troy Anthony Davis.

Global warming

Early February air blows a chill to ground level. A knock at a rodent’s door foreshadows future weather patterns. Impatient eyes curl happiness into anger while fists slam harder at wood. This earthquake startles Phil. They invade his home, and rip him through that tiny hole. He won’t see his shadow this year; he’ll only see cardiac arrest.

Free Fall

Crowds chat in all directions. Fear and excitement cover faces lined up. He waits, eyes closed, thinking of impending death. Each step wastes another minute. He sits down and caresses his restraint. A monster jags as it ascends then free falls with his frown. Its ruthless speed loops and curls. His only regret becomes fear and wasted time.


Her fingers twirl around stew, causing ingredients to sink like fresh corpses, knowing they will rise soon enough. Scavengers come one by one. She fills their bowls and looks at their eyes. Her mind digests secrets buried beneath corneas. Her apron threads tangle with depression. She unties it to forget old memories, but they bob to the top.

Escapes and Entrances

A sleepless ghost opens a window. His hands reach into mouths of the living for another chance at life. His shadow reaches for a pen and scribbles through her hands. Fourteen pages line the floor with spilled fragments of thought. She kisses her muse goodbye and waits for another escape from life. He dives six feet into darkness.