The bat-lady had dark, thick wings more like a dragon; if she jumped off a cliff, she could surely guide the scales to safety. The adventure of being less than normal should not be taken lightly. Oh how many people had posed their disgust, how many shops refused her, how many people could not take her seriously.


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  1. Granny Smith on

    Did she jump? Did her wings really suffice to glide to safety? I rather like her. Is this all there is about her?

  2. keiths ramblings on

    If she walked into a shop of mine I would be a little taken aback! Enjoyable post.

  3. old egg on

    Don’t we all feel that way sometimes? I have often wanted to change into a superhero in a shop. I must confess to be a little worried about bat-lady. I don’t want her to hurt herself. Can’t she practice first?

    Intriguing piece.

  4. floreta on

    i’m back at my cliff
    still throwing things off
    i listen to the sounds they make
    on their way down
    i follow with my eyes ’til they crash
    imagine what my body would sound like
    slamming against those rocks
    and when it lands
    will my eyes
    be closed or open?


    that’s what this reminded me of. thanks 🙂

  5. thommyg on

    Good stuff, Noah, like always. It brings up a “what happens next” question.


  6. Miss Demure Restraint on

    You create a vivid visual. I do have to ask though . . . is it less than normal or is it a gift of having something more?

  7. Tumblewords on

    Less than normal. I like that phrase! Nice tale!

  8. Lilibeth on

    Makes me want to read another paragraph…keep going.

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