The wires mumbled on the side of highway fifty, drifting nightmare calls from hospital telephones; the incubation of germs had created a disease that only struck the vain and beautiful: those without confidence somehow lived, the others felt a wave of permanent euphoria leaving them unable to function. Those left soon realized how fortunate and special they were.


9 comments so far

  1. ThomG on

    Wicked good, son. Great play on the words.


  2. illyriataylor on

    I second thomg’s motion. Great idea.

  3. CJT on

    This was excellent! Fantastic read!

  4. Daily Panic on

    disease that is selective. interesting.

  5. zouxzoux on

    Quite provocative. Well done!

  6. Tumblewords on

    I love the turn this road takes.

  7. lissa on

    I like it, it’s like the vain people are being erase while the one with a nice mind becomes the new race or something like that

  8. Mendur on

    Heh. Now THAT is the “Revenge of the Nerds”.

    I just hope the next disease of the seven deadly sins doesn’t go after gluttony. (I need to lose weight. *sigh*)

  9. pjd on

    oh, creepy.

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