She sat on the top of the chair, legs crossed, digging the toes of her high heels into the leather; her face twisted for the camera, away from the adoration of thirty lusting faces behind her, and pressed her lips into happiness. No shame marked her skin. She just soaked in the smiles of her fans and lived.


11 comments so far

  1. Sweetest in the Gale (Fledgling) on

    A very vivid snapshot…I enjoyed this.

  2. b on

    I was here and I liked it. It reminds of the car a woman buys…her first question will be “do I look good in it.” Evidently fame suited her well.


  3. quin browne on

    nice bit of flash…

  4. Tumblewords on

    We see them, don’t we…and wonder. Nice post.

  5. lionlambluv on

    It is amazing how we can have shame but still manage to go on… to hide our internal struggles!

  6. old egg on

    Well she had a job even though it was one she hated, or did she?

    Thoughtful piece.

  7. Linda may on

    Staying tall in the face of it all.

  8. Dee on

    No shame marked her skin – shame marks the inside though doesn’t it. Nice piece.

  9. floreta on

    you’re the master of excellent paragraph prose.

  10. Gel on

    Good flash fiction piece. One wonders whether she accepts her job as necessary or if she is shameless, knowing what she REALLY is, inside of herself…I like the glimpse and left wondering.

  11. A Desi on

    very thoughtful and very nice

    Shame on me

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