The mannequin watches the passersby from his glass window. Some stop to look at the new merchandise stretched atop his body, but they eventually go away. His heartache can never be noticed; the jangles he feels muffle under his plastic skin. When the reckless children knock him over, he can’t so much as complain. He suffers, stuck and incomplete.


13 comments so far

  1. mark on

    I quite like this. Interesting viewpoint…

  2. ThomG on

    This feeling can come from the human heart as well. Nice.

  3. Cricket on

    I agree with Thom, your moving piece relates to those who feel as if they are a mannequin in their real world

  4. Sweetest in the Gale (Fledgling) on

    Yes, one could compare this mannequin to those in the world who feel invisible…this was a really wonderful read! Very clever take on the word prompts.

  5. Tumblewords on

    Clever take on the prompt – maybe we are similar to mannequins in some respects!

  6. b on

    Feelings for a mannequin…very well done.


  7. Patricia Sawyer on

    As a lover of dolls I really like this!

  8. Zouxzoux on

    Giving feelings to inanimate objects stretches our understanding and empathy. Well done!

  9. Just Someone on

    That is true… I wonder too, about how they never complain 🙂

    Nice piece

  10. lissa on

    though there is no resolve, I quite like the perspective

  11. ~willow~ on

    Hmm perhaps he needs a female equivalent of Andrew McCarthy, since I immediately see him as a male version of Kim Cattral’s Mannequin 😀

  12. illyriataylor on

    original and wonderful

  13. Prats on

    Me likes :]

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