We circled the dawn’s rising steam, dancing across the fallow land; the red sun took ages to climb which left the hungry birds vocal. Our limited sight left our journeys long and uncertain, but we always found some place to sleep under the shade of a tree. If only the rain would drizzle down wine instead of blood.


6 comments so far

  1. Daily Panic on

    I felt like I was there in the anguish.

  2. Michelle Johnson on

    what imaginative travels. this is right up there with all my other favs. have a great night.

  3. Leo on

    oh dear! that was an unxpected ending! i could put myself there, in those fallow lands! lovely!!

  4. This was vivid and visual…you had my full attention. I want to know more!

  5. pjd on

    Wow, what Fledgling said.

  6. Just Someone on

    That was an intriguing journey (deep down I hope it ended well)

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