Her ambitious eyes devoured the ugly secrets beneath; charm sprouted from her incredible normality and strangled the fact that she’d never fit in. Her lust to be alive only fulfilled when her heart fully eclipsed, ending the life of another one who drank blood. She didn’t have the chance see a mirror. If she did, she’d see nothing.


7 comments so far

  1. Mark on

    Those last two lines could really apply to many people…

    Well done.

  2. thommyg on

    I like where you took me with this, Noah.


  3. Tumblewords on

    Wow! Good one…

  4. Michelle Johnson on

    nice writing. have a great day.

  5. CJT on

    You had me from the start. Great Job

  6. sriharsha on

    I would agree with CJT.
    It kept me interested till the end.
    Last line bowled me over.So simple,yet saying so much.
    Mahatma and me

  7. Just Someone on

    Nice writing..

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