A luster drizzled across the interloper’s eyes, glaring like two curious, permanently stuck lightning bolts; the fragments of solid brightness threatened all with a careful devouring of information: whatever she could see, she’d remember and recreate in a dollhouse in her mind. All of the sounds would play back in full clarity; all the smells would drift again.


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  1. Sriharsha on

    Its quite an awe for me that how we are actually able to build back things and savour them again and again till the luster fades.
    And the smells would drift again.

    I am sorry my baby


  2. Crystal on

    The last line really struck me. Sounds and smells bring on the strongest memories for me. Great piece.

  3. ThomG on

    This has a gauzy feel to it when you read, light but with some heft behind the words. Nice.

  4. Just Someone on

    Wow! Luster drizzled is a nice one!
    Reads scary…

  5. Americanising Desi on

    i love it! i love it!

    The Glare of Threat

  6. lucy on

    made me think of the memories I was daydreaming of this morning.

  7. stan on

    great game to play.

  8. andy sewina. on

    Like the bit about the ‘dollhouse’!

  9. Sweetest in the Gale (Fledgling) on

    The imagery in this was wonderful…I also loved the ‘dollhouse’ part. Great read!

  10. Asleep On My Feet on

    Vividly expressed. The intensity of her stare, eating up all the information she can gather…

  11. pjd on

    I love this. She stumbles into the middle of something worth remembering, and she locks the memory in, anticipating the moment in the future when she will recall it. I don’t know the situation, but the way you captured her is exquisite.

  12. Tumblewords on

    Great capture of THAT moment!

  13. Michelle Johnson on

    the dollhouse reminded me of the one my mother built for me when I was younger. it was quite big with miniature furniture inside. i loved it. you captured the scene here well. have a great day.

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