His sleep schedule decays bit by bit as seconds lose themselves in riots of competing thoughts; wrestled necks surface purples from the touch of graceful winners. The accidental death fills the asphalt completely in chalk while the only thought left summons itself to the front of the stage. What it doesn’t realize is that it’s nothing but alone.


18 comments so far

  1. Asleep On My Feet on

    Good ol’ Insomnia. Som, as I like to call him. We’re old friends. It’s sort of a love/hate relationship. :p

  2. Jeeves on

    In this restlessness, you spin amazing poems/ posts

  3. ThomG on

    You’ve really captured what it’s like to be an insomniac. I can relate.

  4. andy sewina. on

    Phew! you got it!

  5. gautami tripathy on
  6. Melissa on

    Aye so final it is…aloneness that is….

    Great write.

  7. Mark on

    Very well done. Sounds familiar…

  8. AD on

    I am almost an insomniac 😦

    My Decay of Graceful Riot

  9. Tumblewords on

    Well said – it resonates and rings!

  10. Michelle Johnson on

    You couldn’t have put it any better. I love that opening line as I’ve spent many a night with those incessant voices playing over and over. Hope all is well.

  11. stan on

    I know this feeling well. Even so, I got my first decent night’s sleep in ages last night.

  12. Sweetest in the Gale on

    You captured the angst and frustration of insomnia very well! Great read.

  13. Bobbie (Constant Current) on

    Do wd know each other? LOL!!! I’ll think of you at 3 in the morning 🙂 Great writing, and great reading this.

  14. Just Someone on

    Indeed – sleep schedules are decaying bit by bit 🙂 that is a great opening line! Many can relate to it, including myself as I ponder the luxury of sleeping 🙂

  15. zouxzoux on

    Very descriptive. It gives me an idea of what insomnia is like, a problem I’ve never had. Good job!

  16. pjd on

    Intriguing and haunting aesthetic, and to a certain extent it’s detached and analytical. Very interesting.

  17. Jane Doe on

    Great piece, I can feel those ‘riots of competing thoughts’ very well.

  18. Melanie-bd on

    Well done. It captures an image of desperation I know so well. The mind will not shut down. I have been this way for fifteen years. I wish you luck my friend in finding some peace.


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