Through the copse of circus tents plopped up in seconds, one can find ways to lessen the weight of his or her wallet. Swift fingers pat the pockets without a touch, and pull identities away while tossing them behind the counter: victims doesn’t notice the chunk didn’t have the markings of a baseball. Imperfect mirrors may be correct.


7 comments so far

  1. Pam on

    As usual, you took the word in a direction that no one else did: “copse of circus tents”– love that phrase and image.

  2. Sweetest in the Gale on

    Slick and calculating…I enjoyed your take on this!

  3. Michelle Johnson on

    i sense a pickpocket at this circus.

  4. The Dark Lord on

    Ah, a really unique take on the prompt.. a wry sense of humor there..

  5. Tumblewords on

    The correctness of imperfect mirrors is a wildly wonderful reality!

  6. noahthegreat on

    I think some people are afraid of seeing anything different from what they perceive to be true, so they would consider it a farce or nonsense.

  7. gabrielle on

    identity is another skin to shed. loved your take on this!

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