She stuck needles in her arm to shoot the candy directly inside her veins: sweet spots were decorated with scars and dying into puss bubbles of tar. With each push, an embrace held her for just a few moments, and she knew she’d need more in just a bit. For, she couldn’t turn her eye from her lover.


9 comments so far

  1. gautami tripathy on

    You do good, writing dark!

    ravens chase out thoughts from the mind

  2. A dark, desperate, and sad character at the mercy of her ‘lover’…very powerful read.

  3. Old Grizz on

    sad, horrifying, but magnetic. it draws me and makes me wonder. It stirs my mind. where is he going? what am I supposed to think? and then I realize that I am just supposed to think. thanks for the wake up call.

  4. stan on

    So many addictions to our lives…

  5. b on

    This is so HUGE. I love that you use so few words yet the picture is so clear.


  6. Jeeves on

    This hurt goes deep and yeah it also what she wants. Pain clings more than joy at times

  7. S. and her comrade. on

    haunting and a little dark. it stayed with me long after i’ve read it. nice 🙂

  8. Dee on

    haunting and sad.

  9. Michelle Johnson on

    Another powerful read. I’m saddened to see how drugs can take a hold of one’s life so quickly and ruin the bits that were good. You presented your character so clearly, sadly and profoundly. Well done. Have a great night.

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