Lightning accelerates with its rage: if it had a face, you’d see a fire’s glare spreading through its mind like visible sound waves near an orchestra. Exhalations flurry collected minds, shattering the stained glass windows into kaleidoscopes refracting eyes from witnessing the slates of bias life has chiseled deep. Attention shall be had, for once, at terrible costs.


2 comments so far

  1. Gemma on

    Lovely, spikey textured images and enjoyed the multi-purpose use of the word “flurry”.

  2. Michelle Johnson on

    Okay Noah, I’m really pleased that the lightning we just experienced didn’t shatter any glass windows here. That could have made this ff somewhat scary for me. I like how you made it impossible for the person in this story to see all life’s bias in his/ her world. Does that make him/ her able to function throughout life better? I would say it makes them somewhat sad. Possibly a little angry. They’re only going to see life one way… Hope all is well after my little ramble.

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