Conniption fits plagued his sugarcoated heart with reasons of validity and displacement. He toured the inseparable emotions to find a documented discussion of loneliness and the permanent stay of depression; when he approached the latter for a comment, its soothing voice erased the language of hate it spoke. He couldn’t erase its soft-spoken lines from his mind.


3 comments so far

  1. Michelle Johnson on

    A bit of sadness catches on my heart when I read this one, Noah. I feel as though depression has taken hold of its person and won’t let go. I wish them the opportunity to bid depression farewell. Good night~

  2. Jeeves on

    This language of hate resurfaces, everytime! The soft spoken lines is a mirage.

  3. lissa on

    so much eruption of emotions here, I find this person to be fighting with himself or arguing with himself, but you make it sound so reasonable to be in this state

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