I want to lose some letters in your ears, multiply the amount of times a day you think of me; if it’s none, I’ll just have to add instead. This quest borders on necessity to heal hardened blisters: the exactitude you have on my heart whispers only your name. The age may seem inappropriate, the mind is not.


7 comments so far

  1. Gemma on

    Adore the stance of the opening words! A fighting spirit! And then we journey through the quest, all propelled by a determined mind regardless of asides! Beautiful!

  2. michelle johnson on

    Finding solace in another is a great challenge to one who’s been hurt by another. I agree with Gemma, a fighting spirit. Well done.

  3. Crafty Green Poet on

    this is excellent, the age may seem inappropriate indeed….

  4. lostmermaid on

    Sweet !! liked the opening lines 🙂

  5. Als Simmons on


    I doubt that you’ll have to add.

  6. davidseven on

    Interesting use of mathematical imagery. I like it, particularly the bold opening.


  7. pieceofpie on

    hi ntg, it has always been a delight reading yr poetry..i do spy a softening heart…

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