The tips of her toes dragged along the waters surface, stirring thoughts away with ripples; she smiled and nodded to each question asked, but didn’t pay much attention. Her mind drifted away with the fragrance of vanilla stamped onto her skin; she longed to taste something as sweet as her own lips but didn’t realize it was impossible.


7 comments so far

  1. Michelle Johnson on

    nice visual leading up to your ending. it’s great when one doesn’t realize something is impossible because they keep dreaming of how to obtain it- even if it’s unrealistic.

  2. Bobbie on

    stirring thoughts away with ripples;

    Beautiful writing! Great take on this prompt.

  3. Tumblewords on

    Wow! I love this…

  4. Tammie on

    immersed in desire and senses
    a wonderful piece~


  5. gabrielle on

    dreamy, sensual and introspective. i so enjoy your writing.

  6. noahthegreat on

    I am so very glad someone enjoys it. 😀

  7. SandyCarlson on

    A sad realization unless you realize you are the beauty of the fragrance.

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