The palm reader took more than money when she grasped my hand; she spoke of a tire swing of love: chaos reigned until the right one sat beside me. As her eyes focused deeper, she said it was someone I knew but didn’t; then, she vanished, whispering another mumble. I can only find a glimpse of scarlet hair.


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  1. Michelle Johnson on

    A glimpse of scarlet hair is a nice ending to this story. Fortune tellers usually take the money and run, in my opinion and are never right about when you’ll find love. You’re better off finding this girl on your own. Hope all is well. 🙂

  2. stan on

    how well do we know anyone anyway?

  3. marja on

    Oh how exciting and I love “the glimpse of scarlet hair”

  4. AD on

    you just cant know anything about anyone..
    it is so weird!

    Check out my prompt at
    Where in the world

  5. Old Grizz on

    we all look for that special someone who seems to vanish like a wispy mist. It is a different being in each phase of our lives. I call it hope for a better tomorrow.

  6. Granny Smith on

    Short and sweet – and mysterious. Nice writing.

  7. dana on

    May the chaos not be too threatening before she appears beside you. 🙂

    I love this piece.

  8. Tumblewords on

    Scarlet hair is SUCH a draw and those fine palm readers vanish without and ending.

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