A quarantine hid the outside world behind turrets and barricades; only by looking from the summit could one see a civilization past the gates. He listened to the words of the wind passing through his ears; it told him not to escape. Not yet, at least. The pandemic had started to spread, and only he could end it.


8 comments so far

  1. SandyCarlson on

    The wisdom of the ages can be heard in the wind.

  2. Fledgling Poet on

    The “words of the wind”…what a lovely description.

  3. Sandy on

    Sounds like a good story.

  4. Michelle Johnson on

    Where does your mind get these wonderful tales. I think your short fiction is incredible. Have a great night.

  5. noahthegreat on

    I’m hoping people will like my novels as much.

  6. Tammie on

    My, this is a good piece for this prompt. There are cases where it seems most important to follow our inner voices!

  7. Pam on

    Nice bit of relevant flash fiction.

  8. Tumblewords on

    Lots of layers and depth in this short. Phrases are finely tuned. I love the words of the wind. And I’m thinking your novels will be superb!!

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