He turned away and sulked as drips splattered onto his back. He found shelter in an alcove and remembered how people avoided him when he first moved here; all now searched for his presence except the one he desired to know most. She pirated looks from the distance through the walkway but had nothing to say to him.


16 comments so far

  1. thommyg on

    Always a pleasure to read your stuff, my man.

  2. Linda Jacobs on

    “Alcove” is such a cool word! I like how you used it here!

  3. Michelle Johnson on

    Noah you’re a great flash fiction writer. Personally I think that girl needs to get an attitude adjustment. Well done. Have a great day.

  4. quin browne on

    ah, memories.

  5. andy. on

    Now isn’t that always the way?

  6. Tumblewords on

    Oh, no. Why is that so often the truth? Nicely written!

  7. lissa on

    lonely – I find myself think of this word when I read this – it’s always a wonder to read your work

  8. Angel on

    Maybe she’ll talk to him soon!

  9. stan on

    Centre of attention, but isolated – I think we’ve all been there at some time.

  10. Jeeves on

    Pirated looks speak of some talk in future. May be , may be not

  11. Ann (bunnygirl) on

    Isn’t that always the way? Getting the attention of all except that one.

  12. Leo on

    hmm… maybe soon she will also search for him…


  13. Harsha on

    A sad truth
    “all now searched for his presence except the one he desired to know most.”

    Nicely done.


  14. gautami tripathy on

    Hope it works out!

    dragon rider

  15. Jane Doe on

    We always want those that pay us the least attention. Loved this piece, very well written.

  16. pieceofpie on

    ah ntg, even that she looked..isn’t that a good thing… a most enjoyable opening chapter to a lingering open ended story… there’s more yes???

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