I rode horseback through the country, looking for a face I could love. None solved the Rubik’s cube inside my chest; the same amount decided to play. My head rested against the back of my hand, and I wondered. Each thought perplexed me more. The one I loved before had no eyes for someone so crass, so effortlessly alone.


5 comments so far

  1. The Dark Lord on

    Thoughts can scar from within.. which arent easily healed..

  2. Tumblewords on

    Rubik’s cube inside the chest – a fine phrase. Sometimes, it pays not to overthink! Nice work…

  3. Michelle Johnson on

    Rubik’s cube inside my chest… powerful line. We can’t easily heal those wounds of heart. I guess we learn to grow from the experience it leaves us with.

  4. Jeeves on

    Is solitude solace at times. Or always…..Powerful post.

  5. SandyCarlson on

    To be effortlessly alone is a great skill. Crass to some. But a skill that is necessary when nobody can break the code.

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