How can a swimmer be seen when the only water that surrounds him are the bodies of strangers? From a distant angle, all that can be interpreted expels a tone of flesh. If only eyes would see him, they would wonder how he could push and pull his way effortlessly as if they were liquid. He keeps moving.


5 comments so far

  1. The Dark Lord on

    Wow… deep writing, there!

  2. Fledgling Poet on

    This was so rich with meaning…what a beautifully unique take. Loved it!

  3. floreta on

    i love your wordcraft. always so short but effective. powerful.

  4. Nara Malone on

    When you swim with a naked soul like this, everyone sees. 🙂

  5. spacedlaw on

    This feels like a dream, a little tempting, a little smothering, a little puzzling.

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