The weather forecast states tonight will have clear skies with a chance of awe at the will of humankind to provide magnificent explosions. The free know what to do in their spare time from asking whether something is a good idea to microwave or questioning the integrity of childhood’s nostalgic points. Feet shall feel the sting of sparklers.


11 comments so far

  1. heather kathleen on

    stinging now. love the post.

  2. Old Grizz on

    God bless America and the 4th. we all love a good memory of being bitten by a hot sparkler

  3. 2cats on

    I remember the sting of sparklers as a kid. Maybe as an adult too. I like this.

  4. AD on


    Nostalgic Human

  5. Dee on

    swishing them, around to make figure eights of light! smiling now.

    The Dating Game

  6. Fledgling Poet on

    What a lovely take…it brought wonderful memories back of setting off sparklers at my grandpa’s house.

  7. Tammie on

    I so enjoy your humor!

  8. quin browne on

    last line made me grin.

  9. ThomG on

    Without fail, you bring me to awe in the simple structure of your words, but what they say – how they burst – when you read.


  10. noahthegreat on

    Your words are always so uplifiting. I never stop questioning myself.

  11. naramalone on

    I like this, “fair skies with a chance of awe”. I want weather like that.

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