Collapsed ribs let out a heart that just won’t return. He walks miles through the Florida shine and summer rain, yearning for sweet warmth to churn his blood. He holds a butterfly net with a hole too large to keep one inside. He sees her clear complexion and loneliness breaks, but she gets away; he stumbles home, alone.


7 comments so far

  1. ThomG on

    Simply. Just. Beautiful.


  2. Mark on

    So very sad, so very well written….

    My Then and Now

  3. Fledgling Poet on

    Heartbreaking yet beautiful…such strong, yearning emotion expressed.

  4. Linda Jacobs on

    Love the image of the butterfly net with the big hole!

  5. Pretty Prats on

    Touched my heart …

  6. lissa on

    a long journey only to end up alone – sad

  7. pjd on

    I think he prefers the loneliness, he cherishes its bitter pain. I don’t think he had any intention of returning home anything other than alone.

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