Fickle minds switch with the weather; sparkling stars circle suns as new worlds to discover. There’s a wrinkle in the sky; even it is not sure which reality to perceive and acts as a gateway to another taste of air. Fly through the fold; meet your god eye to eye and ask him where love drifted ages ago.


10 comments so far

  1. ThomG on

    I certainly don’t think this is crap (but I didn’t sleep either). I like how your words go a long way to take the readers to places in such a small expanse of words. The image is great. A mark of a true craftsman.

  2. quin browne on

    love the last line.. it’s a delight

  3. gigidiaz on

    This is absolutely beautiful.
    Maybe you should stop sleeping altogether =0)

    Happy 3WW I played too!

  4. paisley on

    well i like it noah,, i think it is visionary…

  5. zouxzoux on

    I think this is amazing! I love the ethereal feeling of it.
    Sometimes our best work happens when we don’t try so hard. 🙂

  6. Tumblewords on

    Mythical and magical – really enjoyed the journey of this short piece.

  7. Fledgling Poet on

    Oh, I liked where lack of sleep took you…deep. Really makes you think! Lovely read.

  8. gautami tripathy on

    This is what is magical realism!

    deathless ghosts

  9. pjd on

    I actually enjoy the bitterness underlying this. The “go ask your god” seems topical, though I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why. No, actually, I know why.

  10. Americanising Desi on

    very promptly done 🙂

    love it 😀

    My 3WW

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