What other woman calls my heart with the sound of fluttering wings? None swing their gazes toward me; I also have no more stones to give. The one I had rests in your arms. Salute the walls your mind creates from steps. Stop, if you think this tap knows another rhythm. Those absurd words know not my love.


9 comments so far

  1. AD on

    no way absurd 🙂

    Into The Absurd

  2. Tammie on

    sometimes we have to set things straight. your love speaks in this piece.

  3. Nana on

    That was beautiful.

  4. gautami tripathy on

    Love can never be absurd..

    filigreed walls

  5. Pam on

    I also have no more stones to give– love that line.

  6. Dee on

    Maybe love is ALWAYS absurd. It perseveres anyway. Beautiful post.

  7. Tumblewords on

    Some fine phrasing in this – I’m particularly fond of having no more stones to give – kind of says it all…Nice.

  8. missalister on

    your words do rock, great poet : )

  9. gabrielle on

    No more stones to give. And yet…
    This touched me deeply.

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