The other sister ducked away from the bat yet hid the folly from her face. Her hostile parents would not understand her actions nor cared to find her preferences. By the age of fifteen, she had a tattoo on her backside from the belt’s kiss. Her eyes could see past the ordinary; she left and never uttered anything.


9 comments so far

  1. ThomG on

    Bittersweet. But another fine turn of flash fiction.

  2. gautami tripathy on

    You excel in those!

    mirror cracked from side to side

  3. nickersandink on

    Sad, but too often true.

  4. Andy on

    The things people do!
    Well told!!

  5. Tumblewords on

    Touching piece – well done…

  6. quin browne on

    love the tattoo line,

  7. Gemma on

    This like a dramatic skit with lingering, bitey issues!

  8. Mendur on

    This one left me a little confused on a few points but there were some real turn-of-phrase gems in there. I especially liked “Her eyes could see past the ordinary” as counterpoint (or response?) to the abuse she suffered.

  9. pieceofpie on

    ouch…yet oh so beautiful a story….

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