The covert club has no money to fix the diving roof; we sit outside, secret handshakes ready, packed lunches at the side. This freedom has limits based on school nights and academic fights; a bad grade means no shown face. Report cards high-fived us like chainsaws; none of us passed that last math test. I’m real sorry.


5 comments so far

  1. paisley on

    for some reason i get the visual from the movie stand by me when i read this… well done…

  2. b on

    I love this kind of post…just enough information to make me think. Great!


  3. ThomG on

    The ending really makes this, those three little words.

    Mothers in Arms

  4. quin browne on

    brings back old memories…

  5. Andy on

    Yeah, I like the images here, ‘covert club’ ‘secret handshakes ready’ etc. My Jack has a maths exam tomorrow. phew!

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