Dreary days blend into starless nights. His timid legs don’t know whether to walk or to drop to sit where he stands. Any noise or passing car puts a jump in his feet. He isn’t used to the brightness and cannot embrace what he does not understand. The thumb begs to point out, but his unknown destination waits.


7 comments so far

  1. blisshappens on

    makes me nervous for this hiker! well done! -Meg

  2. ThomG on

    I think you’ve captured hitchhiking to a T. You always see people on the road, a wondering look upon their face. I now know what they’re thinking.

  3. Michelle Johnson on

    Hitchhiking can definitely be a long road for one whose uncertain of where he may end up. I can easily imagine his tired feet and his confusion about whether to move on or not. Well done. Have a nice day.

  4. Tumblewords on

    You tell it like it is, for sure! Nice~

  5. gautami tripathy on

    Perfect way to put a hiker’s thoughts!

    timid embrace forces out dreary thoughts

  6. Andy on

    Yeah, I think you captured the moment here!

  7. pjd on

    I can’t tell if he’s a romantic trusting to fate, or if he’s just aimless. And maybe he can’t tell, either. That’s what I take from this.

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