Black faith doesn’t worry; it knows life shall disappoint yet again. But, this path shows no stars sans the two green eyes, posed in the mirror. Look up. Some light will break through the sky;
taste its breath. Hear the hum of Venus or the song of the moon. They sing just for you. Tilt your head back.


9 comments so far

  1. Michelle Johnson on

    Good morning, Noah~ I love what you’ve done with the prompt today. Taking the time to look at what lies in front of us can be rewarding. Well done. Have a nice day.

  2. Americanising Desi on

    bravo! bravo!

    i like the crispness and uniqueness of your tackle 🙂

    happy SS


  3. Weronika Janczuk on

    Right on, if I may say so myself. You add just the right interpretation and edge to something so simple.


  4. sarah on

    I like this, especially the last line. But I must admit I find the banana extremely distracting!

  5. marja on

    Great one Hope arises after the worry

  6. Selma on

    I like the interplay of dark and light. As well as the surety of black faith. It certainly can’t be disappointed. It’s as if the light comes along to tease it into changing its mind.

  7. Dee on

    We should all tilt our heads back and look up – great interpretation!

  8. floreta on

    love that first line!!

  9. Deborah on


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