His limbs won’t tolerate disconnection; eyes dampen as he walks with a droll strut. None can be certain whether he’s okay or not, yet they decide to not bother him. Before, his skin gave off a tint of happiness, but, now, his eyes droop down as does his mouth. But, where has his tulip disappeared in the world?


10 comments so far

  1. AD on

    it touches me…

    Happy SS

  2. SandyCarlson on


  3. Pam on

    Your writing always intrigues me so. I read it over and and over again to find new meaning and new questions.

  4. gabrielle on

    Indeed. where has it fallen? I am so moved that one person noticed.

  5. Dee on

    so sad..

  6. floreta on

    cultivate the tulip..

  7. MichaelO on

    What ever is embodied in the tulip, there is a profound loss.

  8. Simply Snickers on

    The tulip is a telling image – lovely, yet fragile.

  9. Tammie on

    Tulips return season after season.

  10. Dee on

    Tulips traditionally mean perfect love – is that what he has lost?

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