Her polished eyeballs shine forth like two soft moons, unpredictable and curious. When she smiles, the intensity shifts to a set of supernovas ready to devour any person’s attention in the room. She eyes the watch on her hand and wonders how long her heart must wait; she knows she doesn’t have a century of time to live.


3 comments so far

  1. Selma on

    You are such a good writer. Incredible attention to detail. Concise and precise imagery. I am really enjoying everything you write!

  2. noahthegreat on

    Aw! Thank you. I write a lot but only share a little. (That’s not to say I share my best; I basically only share Fiction in 58s, but I write multiple poems and other things. I also write a lot of plays. I’m going to work on another novel when I get the inclination to do so; I started a third [well, technically fourth], but it didn’t feel right. I also have a memoir to write, but I’m thinking up and writing stuff to put in it. Sometime, sometime.)

  3. lissa on

    how lovely, your words swoons and bends in so many ways

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