When the sunshine struck the broken land, eyes could see piles of bodies. No silence bickered, no souls had nervous fingertips: none could feel. Trajectories had their moment of speed, but all had stopped in heads, chests, and limbs. Hear the silence; let it calm you. These bodies have nothing to say, so move on into the sunset.


10 comments so far

  1. thommyg on

    Noah, one of your best. There is a casual chill here, the cost of making war, but also a feeling of loss as well. Great balance in such short fiction.

  2. Daily Panic on

    I felt the emptiness when I read this. “move on into the sunset” spoke of moving forward. good piece.

  3. Larry on

    feeling of tragedy…good job

  4. gautami tripathy on

    This piece speaks out..


  5. Angel on

    Very sad piece, but true to life.

  6. Andy Sewina on

    Yeah, I can hear the silence!!

  7. MichaelO on

    “no silence bickered”, I love the irony. Brief snapshot of catastrophy as it moves headlong into history. Great bit!

  8. blisshappens on

    this disturbed me, had to read it twice and got more disturbed the second time… that’s a good thing -Meg

  9. pieceofpie on

    hi ntg… this is a different form for you… i like it… thrz no love here…

  10. noahthegreat on

    If you’re wondering why I do write about love often, it’s because I have none. (In the romantic sense)

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