Bow down to the refrigerator. Its hidden allure comes in the glow that disappears when you don’t give it attention. You may think you sit on a perch, higher than its doors, though you open it constantly as if it will change in the few seconds between. Its contents line your mind with such validity, no hints needed.


8 comments so far

  1. ThomG on

    What a great slice-of-life moment. I was just standing at my fridge, peering in and pondering the stuff I put away last night.

  2. Daily Panic on

    i do the same thing— I think something will magicly appear each time i open the door!

  3. Fledgling Poet on

    lol…this was wonderful! It speaks the truth.

  4. Sweet Talking Guy.. on

    Hi Noah, great opening line!

  5. pia on

    Oh but your fridge has to have contents and they must be fresh 🙂 Love odes to inanimate objects

  6. Angel on

    I think the fridge hides what I’m looking for! lol

  7. Larry on

    You and the weight-loss submission are my heros for the day. Anything to keep my nose out. Smartly done.

  8. Tumblewords on

    Laughing. A wild allure…

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