The neighbors wonder why nobody seems interested in them, though nobody has seen what I have. Their trip to work does not result in a car leaving the drive way. No, they have to be different; a disc swirls from their roof with three legs and windows around the central sphere. My sanity has diminished, maybe, I think.


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  1. Michelle Johnson on

    Hello Noah~ Sounds like someone has been reading some sci-fi. Nonetheless, your story is well written. I learned a long time ago to stop trying to know my neighbors because they have to much drama to suit me. Have a nice day.

  2. Marcia on

    Now, I would find those neighbors interesting, once I recovered from the fear seizing me.

    Got a lot in those few words, Noah.

  3. noahthegreat on

    Haha. I don’t read Sci-Fi that often.

  4. C. R. Stone on

    I think I live in your neighborhood.

  5. desert rat on

    Our neighbour’s house often emits strange sounds at odd hours of the day. It’s much more fun to imagine it being something alien or sinister, than to put it down to something mundane.

  6. pieceofpie on

    hi ntg, love yr neighborhood… rather to hear the swirl than barking dogs all night long!

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