The morning breeze sweeps over the freshly dropped leaves with a spontaneous chill. The leaves decide to take a ride and flutter far from home. Their soaring limbs listen to a celebration of life calling from the wind. None deny the thrill of flight as their corpses turn brown. Don’t worry, for they will return some other season.


7 comments so far

  1. KiteHorse on

    Why is spontaneous chill so evanescently poetic? Even when stained with the concupiscent weight of masses of post-New Age personals? You use it so lightly; just like the celebration of life is revivified from dreary Hallmarkism by that same easy skill you have with poetry.

  2. gautami tripathy on

    They always do..


  3. Laurie on

    Beautiful imagery. I love the way the wind carries the leaves.

  4. Tumblewords on

    Nicely done!

  5. Quietpaths on

    I love the idea of leaves deciding to take a ride. Great images.

  6. Raven on

    “they will return some other season.” Nicely said.

  7. SandyCarlson on

    They will indeed return. And we will be here. Somehow.

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