Married at birth, the prince and princess never had much in common. They never had a chance to climb a tree or search for true love, because fate signed their contracts before birth. This is what connected them. It wasn’t much, but they fought through the arranged marriage to make something worthwhile. And, in their differences they combined.


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  1. The Mane Point on

    Hopeful . . .

    I have always wondered how folks adjusted to those arranged marriages . . . in so many countries . . . for centuries.

  2. Tan on

    Arranged marriages are still the best; for countries where tradition, humanity, high culture and heavenly relationships are worshipped and respected, arranged marriage is the best option. Actually, there are so many things to be talked about; but then, this space and the situation is noway allowing me to argue…

  3. noahthegreat on

    I actually didn’t write something with the mind of putting down arranged marriages. I think marriage no matter what is a bad idea, to be honest. I just write whatever my hands press.

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