His knack requires swift and strong hands. But, this can vary, if one can prank someone into loving them. This career is all about leaving no trails, no witnesses, and no beliefs. For how could someone so faithful crush a neck within his arms? How could the housewife take a knife to the neck? With well-crafted expertise.


11 comments so far

  1. gautami tripathy on

    One can. I liked this a lot.

    sun trickles down my back

  2. Gillian Taber on

    Interesting. Kicked up some possibilities in my imagination. Good piece.

  3. ThomG on

    Creepy goodness.

  4. lucy on

    oooh EvIL!!

  5. Tumblewords on

    I think I could. I think I could. Good!

  6. Scary story!

  7. floreta on

    wow, brutal.

    and i just realized your name on here — don’t you have a blog somewhere else?? i didn’t realize this was you. ha.

  8. Sweet Talking Guy.. on

    Hi Noah, I think you’ve cracked it. I believe, it’s all about belief!

  9. Angel on

    Very unique story.

  10. sudharm baxi on

    That was ghoulishly portrayed..

    And i simply loved your template, so very refreshing..

  11. pieceofpie on

    hmmp… love stinks!… haha…

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