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Menacing eyes watch over pews, wondering if destruction should befall the ignorant. He stands at the edge of the stained glass and travels the beliefs one at a time in his mind. None make sense to him. Their hearts of hate could not understand nor comprehend a state’s plan to control its population by way of an afterlife.


Customer service

Innocent civilians feel a shouting opportunity to quarrel with customer service. Whether or not the customer has ever stepped into the store, the workers put on an act as though they care. Carrying an item in a bag of another store with no receipt does not help your case. Still, they go along with it every single week.

Green means go

My eyes see a green light, but my foot stays off the gas. No shaking legs stop my movements, though an unsure mind cripples my body. Whatever the result, no good can come of it. Paperclips hold me shut, so no eyes gaze the endless rain that drips ink on notebooks. I gather dust on a corner’s bookshelf.


Backwards suits forget where their eyes point as their hands do work without sight, passing life-changing bills without care. Their faces return after work when they see their bodies mangled in every which way to fit in with corporate sponsors. How many steps up the ladder can they take before they come tumbling down or forget themselves?


His divine hands call magic through witchcraft from an ancient book; those who speak it aloud do not mistake the stories for reality. The secrets intwined stare at the reader with waving arms, though some eyes don’t have to be blind to not see. Still, the eyes wait for a pair of lips to call forth new change.


The kisses of other women taste more like cheap champagne rather than the Conundrum that stains my throat from a tongue filled with love. The magnets connect chaotic baskets and correct the pulses with her built in scales. I am but the likable demon that sprouts the devil for fun wherever life lacks a little bit of entertainment.

Doctor, doctor

An insecure hand pokes cavities with curiosity. He pushes every metal tool at his disposal to combat the darkness of youth’s mistakes. If you follow the screams, you’ll be sure to find a chair empty enough for you to sit in. Do not disobey the doctor; his hand might accidentally slip and rip through those dirty, dirty gums.


Deceit lined her eyes like black mascara as deep and dark as the soul beneath. He knew this and spoke lies of love that rang true once his soul heard. Their hate grew vast and brought a lust that both indulged. Both screamed oaths as they gave the other what they both really wanted yet would never admit.


The jumbling road did not give friendship to the driver as road lines curved in every direction. He could not seem to keep up with the changes of winter’s dimness and the overall blurriness of walking fog. When the bridge approached, he thought his car traveled between the lines, but he ended up falling over to the earth.


His unrelenting attempt to take her hand will not cripple the love we share. He is disillusioned, if he doesn’t understand how hearts can be more one than two. At ten o’clock, he will know where she walks as we disappear into the forest’s breath, through the baboon’s land and to the periwinkle shore so far from hell.