I come from another land filled with pickle tacos and poetical ninjas. I am nothing but a sentence on the long-winded Ulysses of life. We rejoice in the world of the words, and the words of the world represent us dearly. Surprisingly, as with all life forms in my land, I have nothing to say to you.


8 comments so far

  1. anthonynorth on

    An intriguing post.

  2. Tumblewords on

    poetic ninjas – neat image. Good short – it has a pinch of humor with a cup of truth.

  3. floreta on

    i LOVE your first sentence! drew me in. poetical ninjas!

  4. Linda Jacobs on

    I love the first line, too! And the second. Okay, I like the whole thing!

  5. Sweet Talking Guy.. on

    Short and sweet a bit like those 55 word thingy’s!

  6. Sunnymama on

    Great! The last line made me laugh 🙂

  7. Jay on

    Nothing to say? Oh, I don’t think that’s true!

  8. soulbrush on


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