A silhouette graces walls with a step and sway of natural beauty like an ocean wave surging to the shore. Ubiquitous burdens fade as she captures attention in her faceless strut. She kisses farewell with a perfume of pomegranate when the sun points fingers at her. One cannot be sure whether or not her body ever touched reality.


11 comments so far

  1. Skittles on

    Sometimes we do tend to live in shadows. The challenge is to live in the light.

    Thanks for playing. 🙂

  2. ThomG on

    This really works. Especially the last line. You’re a natural at Fiction in 58.

  3. Kilauea Poetry on

    Like always..captivating- “Ubiquitous burdens fade as she captures attention in her faceless strut”
    I enjoyed these lines- all

  4. Tumblewords on

    A great title for a great short…the last sentence is is the perfect ending.

  5. SandyCarlson on

    Such ambiguity and uncertainty make beautiful imaginings possible.

  6. lissa on

    an interesting play of words, kind of mysterious and poetic

  7. Witchmojo on

    Made me thing of The Doors lyrics (which I love). Beautifully done.

  8. Jay on

    Very evocative!

  9. Angel on

    Very nice use of the words.

  10. Sepiru Chris on


    That last line makes the whole piece.

    Great work.


  11. pieceofpie on

    that is a beautiful piece ntg.. perfume of pomegrante… a signature piece i am sure

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