Rambles spout genuine truths nobody wants to believe. Those words travel through floors to its silent listener. He avenges his blamed name with yet another death, courtesy of a ghost. All that’s said finds its way by a coursing lake. Successful hypnosis claims a lover while a dangling body moves in all directions. Heartbroken, he sets her free.


7 comments so far

  1. lissa on

    strange but oddly appealing

  2. Tumblewords on

    Mysterious and magical writing. Great job.

  3. zouxzoux on

    Interesting and enigmatic. It makes me think as well as feel…and I like that.

  4. Fledgling Poet on

    Rambling and oddly hypnotizing at the same time. I really liked this!

  5. random blogger on

    i stick to what i said long back. you never cease to amaze. 🙂


  6. ThomG on

    It’s a Fiction in 58, right? Damn fine one, too. Part poetry, part fiction. Missed you last week at 3WW; glad you’re around.

  7. Sepiru Chris on

    Like the 3WW F58.

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