A circle moon drifts along the sky, full and restless. When sun comes, moon doesn’t feel the need to leave. Instead, she wanders forth with just enough light to partially etch the blue. Purple skies expand its power, and sun kisses it away with another taste of twilight. Its blue will come some other night or day, yet.


9 comments so far

  1. SandyCarlson on

    It will. There is room for both, and the conversation between the two is lovely.

  2. Kilauea Poetry on

    “Sun kisses it away with another taste of twilight”
    This is discriptive –

  3. Praise Singer on

    I loved the imagery here. Thanks.

  4. Deborah Godin on

    One of my favorite ‘moon moments’ – beautifully described!

  5. Haiku Tuna on

    I love ‘…partially etch the blue.’ I am a fan of the morning moon as well.

  6. Tumblewords on

    Great imagery – lovely words….

  7. Sweet Talking Guy.. on

    I love the image – drifts along the sky

    Yeah and the title thought, restless is spot on!!

  8. Tammie on

    You have painted a lovely landscape that wanders through a day.

  9. Amias on

    Two circles of light … one hides behind the other, and the circles are never broken, just overshadowed.

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