His heart tumbled out his chest, but he did not see where it fell. His infatuations blended into wherever it went, from asphalt to cities. One day it ripped. He didn’t understand why sadness befell. A pair of hands clenched the found pieces, but chunks had disappeared. She replaced those with her own, and their souls became one.


5 comments so far

  1. floreta on

    great prose! and your image is making me hungry. mmm smoothie.

  2. Seher on

    tooooooooooooooo deep… i almost drowned 😀

    take a peek into mine at

  3. Tumblewords on

    Interesting metaphor…fable-like.

  4. ladygarfield on

    wow… lovely.

  5. random blogger on

    the honesty in your words is what makes them so beautiful.


    ps: i moved and have started writing again after a prolonged hiatus.

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