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Full Moon

Her feathered steps tickled a hardwood floor. She twirled and twisted for a phantom lover. I sat in the corner, waiting for my turn to dance. She moved ever on, forgot her weight, composed a new genre of beauty. He let her go, and she fell. My arm reached for hers, and we danced across the moonlit roof.



Feet step on sand, sit vertical on towels. Skies paint sunsets with light and sound. Crashing waves slap the masochistic ocean. My hand inches over to yours, warmth matching that of the setting sun. Your eyes watch it dip its toes then dissolve completely reflecting off mine. I watch the one good thing I’ve found in the world.

Away, away

Unbelieving eyes clothes as hands connect. Whispers speak prayers but wonder whether this would help. Instead, the man clenches a fist and raises it high toward the blue, asking why everyone must have this happen. He believed life to be worth and death to be the end. Then he turned and walked away from the church for good.


Sun disappears. Circles hover overhead. Metal discs twirl like tornadoes through clouds and down to earth. Eyes watch, frightened yet curious. Invaded flight paths collide pilots. Nothing changes, or nothing changed is seen. A stranger emerges, intelligent and eccentric. His soft tone soothes, his slow movements hide. He superimposes a body that fits in and walks among us.

Stop, Drop, and Explode

Cigarettes slip through sleeping fingers. Disease rises through smoke and singing ash. Fire stretches its body in every direction, encompassing the trailer. Minutes pass as people escape. In less than ten, seven to be exact, what stood has dissolved away into nothing more than a memory except the black which fades into clouds. A fire truck comes late.


Empty streets welcomed strangers to an abandoned land. Their canes dug firmly into sand. The man searched for clues about a friend. The woman’s pale skin darkened tan. His eyes inched slowly around wood. Their steps creaked through silence where they stood. But, nothing found and nothing gained. They left and never came again then journeyed somewhere else.


A failure hung a shoelace from the ceiling. He didn’t realize his head wouldn’t fit inside a double knot of bunny ears. He looked in the mirror and spoke every compliment he could think of. He swallowed a bullet then shit it out. He went swimming with fishes. Frustrated, he walked home and got hit by a car.


They breathe, sit still for the photograph, put on their most serious faces. He slouches hand in hand, frown reflecting his top hat’s lip. She sits straight, hands on her legs, covered all but her sprouting flower head. Color is not had, but misery comes to knock on the doors of those waiting for nothing except death’s love.


An apple shines in the light with a glow far brighter than any other fruit. Forbidden gestures press needles under nails with one escape. Desire breathes frost to freeze passing thoughts, and a single goal holds her mind. She finds her hands clenched around the red pomegranate, pulls it off, and takes a bite with a malicious smile.


A faceless woman sounds through a speaker. Her whisper rattles hearts; time stops at the beat of her song. He travels wires through walls, underground cables, unmarked streets. His ears crawl and search for her voice with a glass against each surface. His limbs shiver at her melody; her fluid movements call goosebumps. Her eyes shatter all wrongs.