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Act I: Scene I

Act I:
Scene I:

The door shifts open to a man, Steven, with short brown hair retreating to the top of his head. He glimpses around the room and notices the transexual standing near the sink. His eyes can’t cease to look away, so he stops and wonders, if he should retreat himself. He then proceeds to step over to the first urinal and unzips his pants.
The man, Terrance, at the sink begins to apply makeup.

Terrance: You seem a little shy, my boy.
You stare toward the sky;
Does this seem a tad bit strange?

Steven: I’m just trying to take a piss;
you startled me and made me miss.
Now, if you could, please let me be.

Terrance: My boy, my boy, just aim your pee.
Why are you here in front of me,
if you feel different and deranged?

Steven: Please close your mouth, and let me go;
your every word is stopping flow.
I just came in to drain my stick.

Terrance: Are you sure it’s not your dick
that sent you toward this sexy place?
I see the blushes on your face.

Steven: I have no place inside of here;
I am just straight, I’m not a queer.
Please, let me piss, and I will leave.

Terrance: Your distant eyes do not believe
the words you spout, but they perceive
the constant stare upon my breast.

Steven: You are a man, yet have a chest;
I only know from what you say.
Your voice contrasts in every way.

Terrance: It’s almost time to go on stage;
you’re free to watch, you are of age.
I must go now, feel free to stay.

Terrance places the mascara back in his bag then slides it on his shoulder before walking out.
Steven continues to try and piss.

Steven: Cease to quit,
I can now piss.
The target’s hit,
and I won’t miss.
I am not gay
but want to stay;
oh, what to do.

The curtain closes.